Push Down Method

Behavior on a superclass is relevant only for some of its subclasses.

Move it to those subclasses.



Pull Down Method is the opposite of Pull Up Method. I use it when I need to move behavior from a superclass to a specific subclass, usually because it makes sense only there. You often do this when you use Extract Subclass.


  • Declare a method in all subclasses and copy the body into each subclass.

    You may need to declare fields as protected for the method to access them. Usually you do this if you intend to push down the field later. Otherwise use an accessor on the superclass. If this accessor is not public, you need to declare it as protected.

  • Remove method from superclass.

    You may have to change callers to use the subclass in variable and parameter declarations.

    If it makes sense to access the method through a superclass variable, you don't intend to remove the method from any subclasses, and the superclass is abstract, you can declare the method as abstract, in the superclass.

  • Compile and test.
  • Remove the method from each subclass that does not need it.
  • Compile and test.