Collapse Hierarchy

A superclass and subclass are not very different.

Merge them together.



If you have been working for a while with a class hierarchy, it can easily become too tangled for its own good. Refactoring the hierarchy often involves pushing methods and fields up and down the hierarchy. After you've done this you can well find you have a subclass that isn't adding any value, so you need to merge the classes together.


  • Choose which class is going to be removed: the superclass or the subclasses.
  • Use Pull Up Field and Pull Up Method or Push Down Method and Push Down Field to move all the behavior and data of the removed class to the class with which it is being merged.
  • Compile and test with each move.
  • Adjust references to the class that will be removed to use the merged class. This will affect variable declarations, parameter types, and constructors.
  • Remove the empty class.
  • Compile and test.