Pull Up Field

Two subclasses have the same field.

Move the field to the superclass.



If subclasses are developed independently, or combined through refactoring, you often find that they duplicate features. In particular, certain fields can be duplicates. Such fields sometimes have similar names but not always. The only way to determine what is going on is to look at the fields and see how they are used by other methods. If they are being used in a similar way, you can generalize them.

Doing this reduces duplication in two ways. It removes the duplicate data declaration and allows you to move from the subclasses to the superclass behavior that uses the field.


  • Inspect all uses of the candidate fields to ensure they are used in the same way.
  • If the fields do not have the same name, rename the fields so that they have the name you want to use for the superclass field.
  • Compile and test.
  • Create a new field in the superclass.

    If the fields are private, you will need to protect the superclass field so that the subclasses can refer to it.

  • Delete the subclass fields.
  • Compile and test.
  • Consider using Self Encapsulate Field on the new field.