Dive into Refactoring

Tired of reading countless books about writing good code? We have something different for you today. We proudly present the interactive course on refactoring, which will make you a better programmer.

What’s inside?

The course is a compilation of 21 code smells for identifying bad code plus 66 refactoring techniques for getting rid of these smells.

Each chapter includes examples in Java, C#, PHP and Python.

The refactoring techniques are illustrated with live examples. These are much easier to follow than static code – and more fun, too!

Why buy this course instead of a thick book about refactoring?

This course is written in simple, accessible language with no academic jargon. Direct and to the point with a minimum of fluff.

It’s optimized for tablet viewing. So go ahead and read it on your couch while sipping some tasty cappuccino.

Interactive elements of the course help to keep you on your toes, unlike ordinary books that lull you to sleep after ten minutes.

Oh and did I mention the live interactive examples? Yes I did, but they’re too cool not to mention again!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your purchase of the course is absolutely risk-free. If within a month you decide that you are unhappy with your purchase, we will immediately refund all your money, no questions asked.

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  • Unlimited access to the Refactoring Course.
  • Source of a great programming experience.
  • Printable refactoring cheat-sheets.
  • And all of this with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

What do I receive after I pay?
You receive a username and password for an account on this site. Then you log in and start the course. Your account will also have links for downloading bonus materials.
Which payment methods do you accept?
Credit/debit cards and PayPal.
How do you keep my data safe?
Your payment information is sent in encrypted form directly to the payment gateway. Your data is never transmitted or stored on our server.
Can I really get my money back if I’m dissatisfied with the course?
Yes! If you decide within one month that you want your money back, ask us and we will give you a full refund right away.

Having more questions?

Send us a forum message or just mail it to support@sourcemaking.com. We usually respond within a few hours.

$80.00 Summer SALE$49.95
Buy now
Optimized for tablets
30-day money-back guarantee