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About us

Alexander Shvets
Founder & publisher

Has been working with software for 12 years, including 7 years of commercial experience. At the University of Melbourne, earned degrees in software engineering and psychology, and earned a Ph.D with a thesis on "Design Reuse in Software Engineering and Human-Computer Interaction." Lives in Kyiv and consult on software development issues in banking and healthcare.

Gerhard Frey
Technical editor

Technical director at CompuSoft Medical, a health care based software company. He has roughly 11 years of experience in the software industry and many additional years of personal software experience during which he has done everything from coding to architecture to leading and managing teams of engineers.

Marina Pavlova
Designer, editor, support

A web designer & developer who cares deeply about beautiful design, elegant code, and the intersection of the two. Over the years, Marina has enjoyed working with such clients as the Sundance Film Festival, Stanford University, New York Magazine and The Today Show. She loves readers and cherishes authors.

For people who want to become programming ninjas

SourceMaking.com was created back in 2006 to become the source of inspiration for people who already know how to code, but want to develop and perfect their knowledge and programming skills. We have assembled a large number of materials on this site that can not only expand your knowledge about programming, but can also structure the experience you already have.

By furnishing our materials with numerous illustrations and real-life examples, we have tried to debunk the myth that information about programming always has to be dry and boring. And we hope that you like the result.

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