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If you have ever bought any programming books, you might have noticed that there are two types of them: books that are too short to understand the topic and books that are too long making it inevitable that you get bored. We've tried hard to avoid both of these categories with Design Patterns Explained Simply.

This book is fast and simple way to get the idea behind each of the 29 popular design patterns. The book is not tied to any specific programming language and will be good for you as long as you have a basic knowledge of OOP.

Most chapters are available on the website, so you can check out the simplicity of the language in the book and the way materials are presented.

Why should I read this book?

  1. It's simple. It's written in clear and simple language that makes it easy to read and understand.
  2. It's short. Yes, there are no useless demos or huge code listings — just clear and easy-to-understand descriptions with many graphical examples.
  3. When you finish reading this book, you'll have good reason to go to your boss and ask him for a promotion. Why? Because using design patterns will allow you to get your tasks done twice as fast, to write better code and to create efficient and reliable software architecture.

How do I become a programming ninja?

The main difference between a ninja and a novice is the knowledge of secret coding tricks, as well as the awareness of most pitfalls and the ability to avoid them.

Design patterns were created as a bible for avoiding problems related to software design. Doesn’t that make it a true ninja’s handbook?

Here's what other people say about the book

Daniel Sommers
London, UK

I have learned all design patterns in about 3 days with this book. Thank you very much!

Abdul Kumar
Mumbai, India

I had troubles with understanding Bridge, Command and Factory patterns, but when I saw these beautiful examples, I got them very fast. IMHO it is a very useful book for a newbie like me ^_^

Jeremy Parkinson
Portland, US

Four months ago I was just an intern in Siemens. I had a lot of things to learn to get a level up in my skills, and I started with this book. Now I've got a job and I'm happy, because nobody in my department is as good with patterns as me.

Elisabeth Wong

Oh, I love it, because it is so simple!! Great book for Java-people.

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