Replace Record with Data Class

You need to interface with a record structure in a traditional programming environment.

Make a dumb data object for the record.


Record structures are a common feature of programming environments. There are various reasons for bringing them into an object-oriented program. You could be copying a legacy program, or you could be communicating a structured record with a traditional programming API, or a database record. In these cases it is useful to create an interfacing class to deal with this external element. It is simplest to make the class look like the external record. You move other fields and methods into the class later. A less obvious but very compelling case is an array in which the element in each index has a special meaning. In this case you use Replace Array with Object.


  • Create a class to represent the record.
  • Give the class a private field with a getting method and a setting method for each data item.

You now have a dumb data object. It has no behavior yet but further refactoring will explore that issue.