Inline Method

When a method body is more obvious than the method itself, use this technique.

Replace calls to the method with the method's content and delete the method itself.

Why Refactor

A method simply delegates to another method. In itself, this delegation is no problem. But when there are many such methods, they become a confusing tangle that is hard to sort through.

Often methods are not too short originally, but become that way as changes are made to the program. So don't be shy about getting rid of methods that have outlived their use.


  • By minimizing the number of unneeded methods, you make the code more straightforward.

How to Refactor

  1. Make sure that the method is not redefined in subclasses. If the method is redefined, refrain from this technique.

  2. Find all calls to the method. Replace these calls with the content of the method.

  3. Delete the method.